Commercial Information Services


Convention 360 understand that information is the lifeblood of any business for crucial decision making, and is the most fundamental driver of the company in fostering relationship with prospects, customers and partners. We provide reliable information with authentic data to our domestic and international clients. This allows them to make a better and informed business decisions.

The Business Information Report is the best means to prevent commercial risks, as it provides you with reliable, individualized and up-to-date information in compliance with data protection restraints.

How Convention 360 Commercial Information Services can benefit your business

  • To better know your business partners, in order to maintain your business relations in the best possible conditions

  • Avoid payment defaults by assessing a company’s payment behavior and financial stability

  • To secure compliance with your contractual conditions 

  • Determine the amount of credit to extend to partners and vendors

  • Verification of business existence and its size and activities

  • Information of the company

Convention 360 comprehensive report presented in an easy to understand format, covering all important business aspects of the Subject. Our report typically includes (whenever available)

  • Company Registration, Identification details and status

  • Details of Business Activity, Infrastructure and Background

  • Asset Mortgages and Bankers

  • Customer and Supplier Profile

  • Information on Key Management Personnel, Shareholders and Shareholding Pattern

  • List of Subsidiaries and Associated Businesses

  • Payment history and experience

  • Litigation History and Adverse Media Reports

  • Credit Opinion and recommendation

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