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Convention 360’s Debt Collection Services cover all commercial and consumer collection and recovery matters. We offer highly cost-effective and innovative recovery solutions with predictable results. Our highly experienced consultants provide their expertise to find amicable resolutions for all debt recovery issues for our clients.

At Convention 360, our team comprises legal consultants with significant experience in successfully negotiating the client’s interests. Our negotiation processes ensure Best Modus Operandi while maintaining the optimum recovery rate. Our long-standing record in debt collection is backed by our deep understanding of the client’s needs and efficient recovery results.

As part of our Debt Collection services, we employ tried and tested collection practices that allow us to ensure highly efficient and cost-effective recovery techniques. We are committed to resolving all debt-collection issues with the utmost integrity while preserving confidentiality.

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Debt Collection revolves around negotiation, mediation, and settlement. Our considerable experience with all these strategies is what puts us at the helm of debt collection consultancies in the UAE. Our services offer quick results while you enjoy several benefits such as:


Collections is an art, and our consultants are artists in their craft

Convention 360 excels in the area of consumer and commercial debt collection and claims recovery. Our strength lies in providing cost-effective and innovative recovery solutions. Our team additionally provides you with professional advice on the feasibility of your action and insight into the expected outcome.

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